A little while ago we launched the coffee review website for Coffee Blogger. A Perth based website where a photographer who is also an ex-barista (coffee maker) goes out reviews cafes for their coffee and takes a photos.

This site had some special requirements, which included a photo blog and gallery for each post, which is visible. A slideshow is embedded into each post that showcases that cafe. Also, a attractive rolling banner, this website can be updated with featured posts that showcase a big image on the home page.  The customer can control all of this himself.

A small section to include advertising also is included in the sidebar, revenue is not the driver with this website, but the client wanted to advertise some businesses and a bit from Google adwords.

Twitter feed and social shearing is also part of this, so once people read the review they can share the post with their friends on facebook and other social sites.

Take a look at www.coffeeblogger.com.au

perth coffee blogger


In addition to these key features, we’ll be implementing phase 2 which we can’t discuss as yet, but will release once launched. Stay tuned.