This is a directory website for Perth’s business community. It has been developed using a dedicated directory software tool rather than WordPress.  WordPress hasn’t got a good directory plug in or theme as yet. You can make WordPress look like a directory and other companies have tried, but the functionality and features don’t match the dedicated tools that are on the market, so for the time being, if you wanted to have a web directory please speak to me and I can recommend a few options for you. Each directory tool has pros and cons, and based on your requirements the best one would be chosen.

Take a look at

business directory in perth

Web Directory Features:

  • Client based submissions
  • On-Line payments via PayPal
  • Advertising modules
  • Article submissions
  • Category management
  • Mobile platform
  • Social media integrations

Some people only want a basic directory or an article based website, this can be done very well in WordPress, and an example of this is in  This website has a comprehensive list of articles and news about local Perth based websites and businesses.  This website is tightly manged for quality of content and there is no auto-content addition by end users, so only people who have access may contribute. With the strong emphasis on quality of content from Google (in particular the Panda update) content is king, so if you have a website that has content going in automatically or anyone can post something to it won’t be favoured well by Google.

perth articles wordpress website

Features of this WordPress Website:

  • Multiple web forms sent to multiple emails addresses for QA
  • content management
  • Social media integration
  • thumbnail auto creation in each post
  • article categories
  • Feature banner
  • Advertising module
  • Search facility