WordPress CMS can be extended with a wide selection of plugins. An important part of SEO is not to have any dead links, and when you upgrade a website or remove products or pages from your websites, search engines still have the old URL/page in cache. So when results are served up, and a user clicks on the link and it takes them to an error 404 page, this makes the search engines look bad, so you get into trouble. So you need to use what is called a 301 redirect to tell the search engines that the page has been moved to another URL.

A way to deal with old pages that are not in existence any more is to do what is called a 301 redirect. A 301 redirect can be done via a .httaccess file or via a plugin/widget inside WordPress CMS. This way you can manage your redirect without any technical knowledge what so ever. 301 redirect a safe way of permanently moving a page to a new one.

Also, from an SEO perspective, a 301 redirect will pass on the credibility to the new page.

Top 3 URL redirect plugins for WordPress

Simple 301 redirects

On WordPress Website: Simple 3o1 Redirects

Simple to use and works every time.

Here is the admin screen of the plug in to show you that it’s simple, a link that would be landing on, and a URL that it should be redirecting to.

wordpress simple 301 redirect


On WordPress Website: Redirection

A different way of dealing with redirects is using this plug in for WordPress. A great feature of this plugin is that it will calculate how many times the URL has been hit.

Screen shot on how to put enter in a source and a target URL, plus what type is it – a 301

redirection wordpress

a counter to show you how many times its been clicked. The different colour indicates what type of redirect it is.

redirection wordpress url

Quick Page/Post Redirect

On WordPress Website: Quick Page/Post Redirect

Another tool that will help with 301 redirects nicely.

It’s very easy to type in a source and destination redirect and tick a box on how you would like the link to be dealt with.

wordpress quickpage redirect

If you delete pages for what ever reason, you should always redirect the traffic/URL to another page rather than just removing it. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect, which is great for SEO and will pass on the credibility of the link to a new page.