Premium plugins have exceptional support and offers features that otherwise would not be available. Some other benefits:

  • There is support for the life of the plugin
  • You can claim a financial deduction on your business from the cost
  • Most a very cheap <$100 – if you were to develop plugins yourself, it would take a long time
  • The community adds back into the plug in (vested interest)
  • The Plug in developer will want to see  a return on the product, so he’ll do what he can to add more value / features to it
  • Continuous support
  • No continuous advertising
  • More than likely a good user forum exists

Please note that I’m talking about a plug in that you need to buy to use, and not one that asks for a donation.

Don’t take me wrong, free plugins are great, for instance the All In One SEO Pack, no website should exist without this SEO plug in for WordPress.

A Premium Plug In that I use in every website I develop is Gravity Forms. By far this is the best forms plug in for WordPress and I’d dare to say any CMS.  There isn’t a website of mine that doesn’t launch with Gravity Forms.

There should be more Premium WordPress Plugins.