Starting a web design business may not be as easy as it sounds. Dealing with contracts and procedures may prove to be harder than expected.

John from has put together a very comprehensive list of contracts and check lists for when you start a web design business.

the package has the following check lists and letters:

  • Website Quality Assurance Checklist
  • Website Testing Checklist
  • Website Hosting Agreement Template
  • Website Media Release Template
  • Website Design Proposal Sample
  • Web Design Proposal Cover Letter

If you had time to write all of these contracts, it would take you a very long time. So having all of this from the beginning, you are way ahead of your competition.

Popular Contracts

  • Web Design Contract Example
  • Web Design Authorization Access Form
  • Web Design Financial Balance Sheet
  • Web Design Financial Break Even Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Web Design Budget Planner
  • Web Design Business Financials Planner
  • Web Design Business Plan
  • Web Design Business Plan Reference Sheet
  • Web Design Business Plan Template
  • Web Design Business Projected Earnings Letter
  • Web Design Cashflow Forecast Spreadsheet
  • Web Design Client Needs Analysis Form
  • Web Design Confidentiality Agreement
  • Web Design Contract Example
  • Website Maintenance Agreement
  • Web Design Proposal Template
  • Web Design Regain Customer Good Faith Letter
  • Web Design Request For Content Letter
  • Web Design Request For Quote Document
  • Web Design Startup Checklist
  • Web Design Business Startup Financials Spreadsheet
  • Web Design Style Guide
  • Web Development Contract
  • Web Design Contract Template
  • Web Design Copyright Authorization
  • Web Design Credit Card Authorization Form
  • Web Design Domain Name Form
  • Web Design Domain Name Registration Form
  • Web Design Domain Prospect Letter
  • Web Design Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Web Design Business Expense Register
  • Web Design Deadline Extension Request Letter
  • Web Design Failure to Meet Deadline Apology Letter
  • Web Design Fax Header Template
  • Web Design Fee Increase Letter
  • Web Design Hosting Agreement Contract
  • Web Design Invoice
  • Web Design Invoice Example
  • Web Design Marketing Budget
  • Web Design Meeting Confirmation Letter
  • Web Design Memo Template Document
  • Web Design New Client Form
  • Web Design Overdue Account Letter
  • Web Design Profit Loss Spreadsheet
  • Web Design Project Brief

webdesign business templates

As you can see John has covered everything you’d need to deal with a client. This package is only $97 and is well worth its weight in gold.

Companies work for years and don’t have this comprehensive list of contracts and agreements to aid their web design and development business.

Please note, this is not some cheap guide to how to run your web business, it is comprehensive and will make you look professional and ready to do business.

You can purchase the Web Design Business Startup Kit from John’s website.

Here is an example of one of the contracts, which is a confidentiality agreement for a web design business:

web design confidentiality agreement