Link building is the process that is used to create inbound links to your own web site. Link building for SEO will increase your web site traffic and the reason for this is the more links you have that point back to your site the more traffic possibilities you will create. In reality, the internet is full of links and they all go somewhere. Although they all point somewhere, you want the same type of quality links but pointing to your site. The important thing to remember is, the more quality links you have established, the more traffic will be generated.

Link building is not new and the reason is the internet has been built on links to one site or another. No matter where you go, or on what site you land, you will find links on that site pointing to another site somewhere else. These links are on these sites for a reason, and the reason normally is, there is always a chance the visitor is interested in a product or information that is related to the site they are visiting. Now, this is where building links becomes real interesting.

Have an SEO Consultant build your links

There are millions of different sites on the internet, but when building links for your site, you will only want to focus on a few of them. The reason is you don’t want to build links on a site that sells shoes, if your site sells lighting equipment. If your site sells cameras, you don’t want to build a back link on a site that sells staplers. There is a process in which you will need to follow in order to be successful when you are link building. To begin with, many SEO consultants will offer this service as a part of their package because this is a very effective way of driving traffic.

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If you have not gone out and hired a professional to take care of this service for you, it’s time you learned how to get started and build some inbound links on your own. The great thing about link building is you are building links that will drive traffic to your site, and you can choose any type of wording or anchor text that a visitor can click on to drive them there. So, let’s talk about how this is done. We will start with article directories, because they have been around for a while and many SEO consultants like to use them as well.

Let’s say you have a website on golf clubs. What you can do is write articles on clubs, cases, balls, covers, bags, and anything else you can think of. When submitting these articles to directories, they will allow you to put anchors in the text that will link back to your website. Now, your site might be called ‘Bob’s golf clubs” but the article could be about golf balls. In the text you could use any keyword in the article to link to. The pros will link to something that says something about their site like “golf supplies.” What this tells the search engine when they crawl this article is, “golf supplies at Bob’s golf clubs” and this is the power in link building. A professional SEO consultant will in a position to advise you on the best words and where to link from.

There are many places you can go to begin your link building process, but there are some things you will want to know up front and the first is, unless you know just what you are doing, you could actually do more harm than good. The reason I say this is, if you build a link with a site that is not a quality site, you take the chance of tagging your site and that will not get you any visitors.

The other thing is the time you will need to invest in link building is intense. This is an ongoing process and needs to be maintained. Hiring a professional link builder for SEO will benefit you in the long run because this is the type of work they excel in and you will see the results, sooner than later. Link building is a very important part of SEO and you don’t have to go far to see how effective it is for other sites, the question is how effective can it be for you.

Using WordPress CMS is easy to create your own links on your website, you can create them via either using the “link” button above your text area in your post and pages, or via a menu which can be custom or main. I would advise on using proper URLs with meaning in them to ensure you get some additional credit for key words appearing in your URL i.e